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A Beginners Guide to Finding Great Real Estate Deals

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A Beginners Guide to Finding Great Real Estate Deals

Independence Realty Group Henry Washington
14 ratings

One of the toughest challenges for new investors is being able to consistently find and buy good quality deals.  No matter what real estate investment strategy you are looking to implement (Buy and Hold, Fix & Flip, Wholesale, Wholetale), if you can not find a good deal, you can not be successful. No deals = No Business.

To help new investors bridge that gap and get on the path to making money faster, I have compiled a guide to help you get started finding great deals today! Whether you have already completed a few deals or have no Idea where to start, this guide will help you find a strategy that can work for you. These are the deal finding methods I used when I first started investing and still use today!    

You will get videos covering the following:

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • The 3 Key Principles of Successful Deal Finding
  • Comfortability vs. Profitability
  • The 3 Levels of Deals and how to find deals in each
  •      On Market Deals
  •      Other Peoples Off Market Deals
  •      Off Market Deals
  • The 2 Factors Every Good Deal Has

Chapter 2: Mindset

  • How To Be Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations

Chapter 3: Level 1 Deals (On Market Deals)

  • What type of Real Estate Agent Should You Work With
  • How To Find the Right Real Estate Agent
  • How To Search the MLS for Good Deals
  • How to Search the MLS for Mis-classified Listings
  • 3 Resources to find Great Deals on the market other than the MLS

Chapter 4: Level 2 Deals (Other Peoples Off Market Deals)

  • What are Wholesalers & How to Find them
  • How to Vet Wholesalers & What Questions to Ask
  • How to Find Other Investors Who May Have Extra Inventory
  • What are Turnkey Properties & How to find and Vet them

Chapter 5: Level 3 Deals (Off Market Deals) Part 1

  • How to Pick a Deal Finding Strategy
  • Letting Everyone Know What You Do
  • Courthouse Auctions
  • Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace/Classifieds
  • For Sale By Owner

Chapter 6: Level 3 Deals (Off Market Deals) Part 2

  • Direct Mail Marketing Step by Step Guide
  • Questions to Ask Sellers
  • Cold Calling Step by Step Guide

Chapter 7: How I use Deal Machine

  • How to Build Lists
  • How to Skip Trace
  • How to Send Mail In DealMachine
  • How to use the CRM

(NEW) Chapter 7.5: Henry Walks You Through His DealMachine Setup

Chapter 8: 10 Plus Ideas to Get You Started

(NEW) Chapter 9: Using Radio to Find Deals!

(NEW) Chapter 9.5: Using Radio to Find Deals Part 2!

(NEW) Chapter 10 - 2 Websites with Deals you can buy NOW!!

Bonus material you will receive!

  • My Cold Calling Scripts
  • My Repair Estimate Worksheet for Beginners
  • A List of Very Helpful Links
  • My Direct Mail Postcard Template
  • My Direct Mail Yellow Letter Template
  • My Seller Lead Sheet Including a List of Questions to Ask Sellers
  • (NEW) Henry's Radio Ad Sample

Bonus Tool Trial Links:

Link to DealMachine 7 day Free Trial -

Link to PropStream 7 day Free Trial -

Implementing these strategies properly has helped me to grow and scale my business and achieve my goals faster than I ever anticipated, and I want to empower you with the tools to do the same!  But the knowledge alone is NOT enough, You must take action on this knowledge if you want to reach your goals! 

You have LIFETIME access to this course!

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